Hi there,

I’m Frederico, a portuguese guy currently living in Belgium.
As everyone in Portugal know there is much more about going for a cup of coffee then just drinking a hot beverage.

More than anything, the coffee is an important social event in our day. It’s a daily routine to go for the corner coffee shop after a meal to drink a coffee and talk about everything and anything: family issues, politics, footbal… or just the latest gossip in the neighbourhood.

When I moved to Belgium, one of the things I missed the most was these small daily meetings in the corner coffee shop, and here – even if I want to – I don’t have places at hand to go and have that cup of talk…

… so we needed to start doing it in the house.

The idea for this blog came from this need because I first struggled with how to do a good ‘bica’ and what machine – if any – I should get.

Also the coffee in itselt is another puzzle: should I get Arabica, Robusta?

Already grinded or grind at home?


So, take a seat and lets talk about coffee while we drink one,