Back from holidays

Back from holidays, back to the land without good coffee easily available…
Once again it’s time to pursue the secrets of making a proper coffee!
Nowadays we have lots of coffee machines available and it’s really easy to get lost within capsules and pads and other ways to make your coffee at home always ready, always with the same flavour, but always with another capsule/pad that you need to throw away…
These are an easy solution that isn’t that expensive even you can find one of these machines for less than 50€ depending on location and the current promotions you can get one for little as 20€.

A good coffee…

The best coffee has three things:

  1. A proper cup. Don’t go with paper cups or plastic ones (specially not those to use and throw away).
  2. Quality grains with the proper grinding. If you do the coffee at home but buy it already grinded, pay attention to the grind for your “coffee machine”
  3. Quality water, if your water as a bit of taste, your coffee will have it also…

There is one 4th ingredient that can transform your coffee… Friends!

Having a coffee with good company can make a lousy coffee taste like a kopi luwak (and vice versa)

Monday 17

One of the most important times of the day is the coffee after lunch.

That is why Portugal is one of the best places to live. You can drink a pretty decent espresso is almost every corner… Sometimes you have three places in the same corner.

And that’s what I miss the most while being away!